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Bardolino is one of the most wanted vacation spots on Lake Garda. This beautiful city is located on the eastern shore of the lake. It belongs to the Italian province of Verona and has around 7000 inhabitants. But what makes Bardolino so popular with tourists and vacationers on Lake Garda? What is Bardolino’s charm? What does the former fishing village have to offer?

Bardolino on Lake Garda

Location of Bardolino

As already mentioned at the beginning, Bardolino is on the west bank of the lake and is also very easy to reach. South of Bardolino is the small town of Cisano before another famous touristic place called Lazise. In the north direction, there is Garda town. Bardolino belongs to the Veneto region where the famous Venice is the capital and a center.

Where is Bardolino

How to get to Bardolino

If you want to be quick, then you should save yourself leaving the motorway in Rovereto and driving to the lake, because then you still have tedious kilometers ahead of you. There is a real highlight in terms of landscape, but, particularly in the high season, a lot of traffic too. Especially in front of the larger cities like Garda, there are sometimes kilometers of traffic jams. If you want to arrive faster, you should continue on the Brenner motorway and take the exit in Affi. There you can take a little stop in the shopping center if you like shopping. From Affi, you can get to Bardolino in various ways. Either you drive towards Albare Stazione and then take the direct route via the SP 32, or you drive towards Cavaion Veronese via the SP 29 and then onto the SP 31. Both options are recommended, and it is difficult to say which route is faster. The journey over Albare is beautiful because there you have a lovely view of the lake.

How to get to Bardolino

Bardolino’s fame

Bardolino is best known for the wine-growing region of the same name. The wines in Bardolino are known worldwide, and through the annual wine festival, Bardolino has further increased its popularity. The best-known wines are the red Bardolino and the Chiaretto, which is a rose wine.

Best Bardolino Wine

Shopping in Bardolino

Many small streets and Piazza Matteotti are known for all kinds of shops. Not only tourists buy shoes and fashion here, but also Italians. Most of the top current trends in fashion of the year can be found here. Of course, the prices are also appropriate. Nevertheless, a stroll in the mostly shady alleys can be worthwhile. By the way, Piazza Matteotti is one of the sights of the town, and one can rightly say that this is the promenade.

Bardolino Piazza Matteotti

Sights of Bardolino

Of course, there are also a lot of sights to discover in Bardolino. The rather old town right on the lake can offer a lot, especially in its church history. The place provides a lot of churches. Certainly one of the most impressive is the Church of San Nicolo, which is also in the center of Piazza Matteotti. Bardolino has a lot more to offer, and you can especially walk through the old town and get rid of the traffic. The church of San Severo is located directly on the busy main street. For me, it is a kind of symbol of the city.

Bardolino Lake Garda What to see

Part of the city fortifications can still be seen in Bardolino. The Porta San Giovanni, which represents the old city gate, is particularly worth mentioning here. From there it goes into the small but elegant streets.

Only a few years ago, the entire waterfront was renovated, and this invites you to linger. It is worth mentioning that Garda town can be easily reached on foot and also by bike.

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