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Bellagio sits on a cape where the three branches of Lake Como meet. Viewing it from the surrounding foothills it looks like a pearl drop attached to the mountain corona shining in the placid lake. In fact, it is often referred to as the little pearl. The narrow, cobbled streets of this charming town lead right down to the lakefront. Here you can wander along the shore while also enjoying the many beautiful buildings.

How to get to Bellagio

Bellagio can be reached by car but it is not for the faint-hearted. If you enjoy windy mountain roads with the added excitement of fast and unexpected traffic then this is for you. For those who seek more tranquil passage there are several options available by boat. Why not take your time, travel in comfort, and enjoy the lake views.

Bellagio Things To Do

History of Bellagio

Bellagio’s time as a resort stretches back to the Roman era. They spend their days hunting and fishing here. The olive trees that populate the region now were first introduced in this period. But, it was during the 19th Century that tourism really took hold. Count Francesco Melzi d’Eril built his villa here between 1808 and 1815. This elegant villa was furnished and decorated by well-known artists, Appiani and Bossi, and sculptors, Canova, and Comolli. Drawing the attention of the Milan elite, they flocked to Bellagio in their droves. The town’s stunning setting encouraged many others to follow Melzi d’Eril’s example and a string of impressive villas can be found along the waterfront.

Best time to go

Between March and October is the ideal time to holiday here. Water sports are its big attraction and the mild, temperate climate allows visitors to enjoy the Italian summer in comfort. Apart from many excellent hotels, there are numerous apartments available. These can be rented at reasonable prices and allow you to have the comfort of home on holiday. 

Lake Bellagio


The area has a mild climate. During the winter months the temperature never drops below six degrees, allowing for brisk walks along the promenade. Summers are warm with temperatures remaining steady between 25 and 30 degrees. The cooling Breva winds adds freshness to the summer days, making it a pleasant location to enjoy the lake and beach. 

What to do

Of course, being a lakeside town, there are many aquatic options available. The Bellagio Watersports Kayak club offers a range of activities. You can rent your own kayak and roam the lake by yourself. However, if you prefer the company then there are several tours available such as night trips and group outings led by an expert rower. The center is open from March 1 to October 31.

Bellagio Town
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Sport and Relaxation

The town boasts an excellent sports club where you can enjoy a family day out or some personal relaxation. The facility has a variety of activities on offer. The sports inclined can do some laps in the impressive outdoor pool, play tennis on the well-maintained courts or work up a sweat with their friends on the five-a-side football pitches. To help relax tired muscles you can avail of the solarium and Turkish baths. Naturally, there are many options for dining available. For those peckish moments there is a fully stocked snack bar, if you need something more substantial then check out the Pizzeria or restaurant. 

Water sport

If water skiing has ever taken your fancy then there is no better place to learn than on Lake Como. As with many locations around the lake Bellagio benefits from the Breva winds. You will find Liquid Park only a fifteen-minute walk away from the town center. They have professional instructors on hand to provide you with skilled training and advice. Whether you like to ski or wakeboard this is a place to go.


Summer in Bellagio is filled with music. A peek into the quaint churches could discover one of many choral events that take place during this time. The cafes and bars regularly host bands of varying musical genres. What could be lovelier than having your evening coffee to the backdrop of mellow strains?


As you would expect from an Italian town you will find a wide selection of trattoria and restaurants. These serve first-rate local fare.

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