Gargnano Lake Garda


In the little town of Gargnano, you can wander between the port and alleyways to explore. The town is very tied to its agricultural past and has a landscape that has been well preserved over the years. You will instantly feel the great atmosphere in this town. Also, you will feel at home and content. Gargnano lies on the western shore of Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy. It’s a great holiday spot because it isn’t that crowded and constantly buzzing with people.

Gargnano Lake Garda

The little towns, such as Gargnano, that is situated along the shores of Lake Garda are very popular for tour groups from Germany and other countries. Because of this, it’s advised that you book your accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment later when you start your holiday. There is nothing worse than having a passion to experience something but being disappointed by something that you could have avoided, had you planned better.


There are some great accommodation options available in Gargnano. Each is offering something different and unique. Look at a few different places and try to determine which one meets all your needs. Also keep your family or travel partners in mind when you do this. Your aim should be to make everyone as happy as possible by trying to cater for them all. Hotel Du Lac is a good place to start. It has a very cozy atmosphere. There’s a big lounge with an antique piano and a large collection of books for you to enjoy. The veranda has large windows with a beautiful view. The rooms are with air-conditioning and there’s a free broadband internet connection.

Hotel Du Lac Gargnano
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How to get to Gargnano

The best way to travel to and around the little towns on the shores of Lake Garda, such as Gargnano is by bus. It allows you to sit back and look at the scenery around you without having to concentrate on driving yourself. The seating on the busses are comfortable and it’s very clean. You can have a second or third glass of wine with your meals because you won’t need to drive anywhere yourself. There’s also a ferry service that you shouldn’t miss out on. You can buy tickets to travel to many of the other towns and areas around the lake. Some Hotels have discount vouchers for the tickets, if you ask the receptionist she will be able to tell you if they have vouchers. Get a ferry timetable from the ticket office then you can plan your trips.

Gargnano Churches

Over the years Italy has become very popular because of the beautiful churches dating back centuries. Many tourists love to see the ruins and architecture of such old buildings. The interiors in some of the better-preserved churches are truly a work of art. Some also have a display of popular paintings from painters in those days. In Gargnano there are a few churches you can take a look at.

Lake Garda Gargnano
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The Saint Francesco church and cloister in Gargnano is a good place the start. The monastery was founded in 1266 by the Franciscans and the church was built in 1289. In the inner courtyard of the cloister there’s porticos on columns and the bas-relief capitals and decorated with fish, leaves, birds, limes and lemons. There’s something about an old church that makes you feel completely at peace with yourself.

The Saint Martino Parish Church was constructed in the 11th century on the remains of an old Roman building. It was quite small so during the first half of the 19th century, the church was enlarged. The architect Rodolfo Vantini added two majestic domes to the structure. It has five altars with paintings done by Andrea Celesti. If architecture is your thing, then you shouldn’t miss out on seeing this church in Gargnano, it will impress you.


If you start to feel hungry while exploring the beauty of Gargnano, then head to La Tortuga. It’s a cozy and elegant restaurant that has excellent fish dishes. You can taste the passion that goes into preparing the dishes, it is delicious. The restaurant has received a Michelin star. You can also sit down at many of the small café’s in Gargnano, many of them offer light meals and good beer or wine. Some do specialize in proper meals and most of them have the great Italian ice cream, Gelato. You cannot leave Italy without indulging in traditional food!

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