Lake Garda- Riva Del Garda

Riva Del Garda

Riva del Garda is located at the northwestern side of Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy. What makes Riva del Garda an extra magical town is because it has Mount Rocchetta rising in the west and Mount Baldo to the east. It’s a pure form a beauty that cannot be explained or described in words. You need to see it to truly understand the meaning. It’s a popular tourist town so you can have your travel agent put together a whole package for you so you get to see all the towns around the lake or plan it yourself if you have the time.

Riva De Garda


It’s best to start planning your holiday by making a list of the things you need to remember such as discussing accommodation and plane tickets with your travel agent. If you book in advance you might be able to get tickets a bit cheaper and you shouldn’t have any accommodation problems. Spend some time online; reading up on the towns you will be visiting, write down all the sights you plan to see while you are there. Keep the list with you to ensure you don’t forget about anything that you wanted to see.

How to get to Riva Del Garda

The best way to travel to Riva del Garda from the bigger towns is by bus. The busses are generally very clean and comfortable. While driving you will get to look out the window and see a lot along the way! Make sure you get to the bus stops early when its peak season time, because busses fill up quickly. Always keep your belongings close to you and make sure you don’t get distracted when switching from one bus to the other and lose your friends and/or family that you are traveling with. These things do happen, so discuss it with the people you travel with so everyone knows what they should do if anyone does get lost.

Apponale Tower

Riva del Garda has quite a few sights that are very worth it to see. The Apponale Tower was built in 1220, it’s 34m high and was built to defend Riva del Garda by using the top as a watchtower in case anyone should approach from the seafront. It was also used as a prison and then as an observation post during World War 1. Towers are very exciting to children, so if you have your kids traveling with you then you should definitely make a point to show them the Apponale.

Apponale Tower Riva Del Garda

The old fort

The old fort that was built during the 12th century now houses the Civic Museum with archeological, geological and mineralogical exhibitions. There’s also an art gallery and collection of weapons, prints, and very rare books. You don’t have to love museums to enjoy this. It’s amazing to learn more about the town you visit and see what things were like in those days. The fort itself is interesting to see since it’s definitely not something we see every day.

In 1508 on the steep slopes of Mount Roccherra, the Venetian fortress was built. It offers a stunning view of Riva del Garda and the northern part of the lake. Take your camera with you, you will want to have a picture to remember the breathtaking view!

Fantasy Night

If you plan your visit right, you can be in the town to experience “Notte di Fiaba” also known as Fantasy Night. It happens on the last Saturday of August and it’s a tradition. The town commemorates an event in their history. In 1439 Venice and Milan, with whom Riva del Garda was allied, were engaged in a bloody war. Venice sent a fleet of galleys and other ships from the Adriatic Sea up the Adige River, across Lake Loppio and the San Giovanni Pass to Torbole and Garda to attack the soldiers of Milan from behind. That set the stage for the battle, which took place offshore Maderno on September 29, 1439. The ships of Milan were the victors. Today, the town celebrates this day with music, fireworks and dazzling lights.

Riva Del Garda Italy
Image source: Garda Post


Riva del Garda has many small shops selling great gifts to take home. Women love spending time in Italian shops because of the countries good reputation when it comes to shoes, handbags, and clothes. The best places for a shopping spree is definitely the cities like Rome and Milan, but take a look at the smaller shops here and see what treasures you find!

Riva Lake Garda


Kapuziner is a restaurant that you will enjoy dining at while staying in Riva del Garda. The dining area has a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, yet the staff is very professional, helpful and friendly. If you worry about hygiene, then you will love this restaurant. It’s spotless and you notice that the moment you walk in the door, the next thing you will notice quite quickly is the great aroma. If you don’t know what to order, order a few dishes and share it with the rest of your dinner party. That way you will all get to taste a variety of different dishes.

There are other smaller restaurants that sell traditional Italian pasta dishes and delicious pizza. The pizza’s are extremely tasty and also a very economical if you are travelling on a very tight budget. For dessert you can enjoy a big scoop of Gelato, famous Italian ice cream. Riva del Garda is one of many beautiful towns situated along the Lake Garda. It will quickly make its way into your heart and you will want to stay forever!

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