Malcesine Lake Garda


About 120 km northwest of Venice, in the Province of Verona, in the Italian region Veneto, lies a beautiful small town called Malcesine. The town has a few subdivisions, mainly villages. Malcesine lies on the shores of the biggest lake in Italy, Lake Garda. All the towns around the lake are very popular tourist destinations, because of the amazing history, old architecture of castles and forts plus wonderful food and friendly locals.

Malcesine Lake Garda


Let your travel agent help you to book accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment due to the holiday rush. Hotel Sole is a good option. It’s situated in the village of Navene which is only about 6km from the center of Malcesine. It was remodelled in 2006 so it offers you modern accommodation with a cosy and at-home atmosphere. All the rooms are equipped with a telephone, radio and satellite TV. There’s a private tunnel that leads to the beach in front of the hotel where you can take part in windsurfing or waterskiing. You can rent a boat or take some windsurfing or waterskiing lessons if you have never done it before.

Lake Garda Malcesine


The transport that most people use is the ferry service. You can buy tickets and travel to all the other towns along Lake Garda. Some hotels have discount vouchers for the guests so if you are interested in this check with your hotel. Ask your travel agent to get you a timetable of the ferry service so you can plan ahead when you want to explore some of the other towns.

If you love nature and hiking then you can take the cable car to the top of Monte Baldo. The cable car ride is about 15 minutes. The view is breathtaking; remember to take a camera if you want to take pictures to show friends and family at home.

Scaliger Castle

The original Scaliger Castle was supposedly built by the Lombards and destroyed in 590. It was later rebuilt. The castle became part of the large estates of the bishops of Verona. It belonged to the Della Scala family between 1277 and 1387. After that the Visconti family owned it until 1403. After those years it went from the Venetian Republic, the French and also the Austrians. It was finally declared a national monument on August 22, 1902. Today, you will find a small museum inside that tells the story of the whole Lake Garda territory. You will learn a lot about the rocks, fossils, flora, and fauna of Mount Baldo. There’s also a room displaying drawings of the lake done by Goethe. In 1786 Goethe was arrested on suspicion of being a spy after he was caught drawing sketches of the castle. Going to see the castle is something you must definitely do while you visit Malcesine!

Scaliger Castle in Malcesine

Churches in Malcesine

Italy has many beautiful churches, so when you decide to take a holiday here, then seeing a few of these ancient beauties should definitely be on your to-do list! In Malcesine you can see the Saint Stefano Parish Church. It was built somewhere around the 9th century and has altars of Saints Benigno and Carlo. There’s also an altar of the “Sette Allegrezze” (Seven Joys) from about 1771, a 15th-century ciborium, and an altarpiece of the “Deposizione di Girolamo dai Libri”. There are paintings of the presbytera that was done by Felice Boscarotti and something else you’ll notice is the fourteen stations of the cross. There’s a great feeling of peace when seeing some of these churches that have been there for so long, just think of all the feet that have walked those steps. Malcesine truly has a lot of sights you can see, this being one you will remember.

Malcesine Castle
Image source: Wikimedia


When in Italy…make like the Italians. You can’t leave without having some proper traditional Italian food. If you are traveling on a set budget, then eating pizza slices will really save you money and fill your stomach. Everyone knows the Italians know how to make the best pizza! If you are in the mood for something else, then go to Vecchia. The restaurant is situated next to the parish church. It’s a small restaurant that can seat about thirty people at a time. It’s owned by Leandro Luppi and the food is amazing. The service is great, with friendly and helpful staff.

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