Riva Del Garda Holidays

Riva Del Garda

The romantic town of Riva del Garda is located in the middle of mountains, on the edge of Lake Garda. Due to its location in the far north, Riva can be easily reached by car from Germany, Austria or Switzerland and is therefore ideal for a short relaxing trip. The city with typical Italian flair offers many opportunities for a few relaxing days.

An excursion along the old Ponale road

Starting in the southwest of Riva, you can walk the old Ponale road, a magnificent panoramic path along the shores of Lake Garda, by mountain bike or on foot. The trail leads uphill for a few kilometers with a steady incline and offers a fabulous view of the beautiful landscapes around Lake Garda. It is hard to believe that this used to be a busy street. Now the path is shaped by sand, which makes it a popular destination for mountain bikers. But especially on foot, you can enjoy the increasingly fascinating view. If you haven’t had enough after walking along the Ponale road, continue to the mountain lake Lago di Ledro and enjoy a swim in the cold water. Surrounded by hills, the lake delights with its bright, turquoise blue water. On the way back, you will get a new perspective when you exit the panoramic road. You will cover almost 22km with this lap, but that route is definitely worth it!

Riva del Garda Ponale road

The old town and the lake promenade

Riva del Garda was already settled in Roman times and still inspires today with its romantic, charming old town. Narrow corridors, buildings full of charm and many small shops and restaurants invite you to linger. There is always something new to discover! A stroll along the beach promenade is worthwhile from the old town. Especially in the early morning hours, the warm light offers a particularly colorful experience.

Riva del Garda Promenade

Enjoy Italian restaurants

In the old town of Riva, some many restaurants and cafés mainly serve Italian cuisine. My two favorites were “Piccadilly Bar” and “De Gustibus”. “Piccadilly Bar” is located in a small, narrow side street. In just a few meters, you are audibly away from the tourist center. The restaurant particularly impresses with its super delicious bruschetta, which is available in large, individual numbers.

Riva Del Garda Cafes

If you already have enough of pizza and pasta (and bruschetta) after a few days, “De Gustibus” is recommended. It is a grocery with a butcher in one of the main streets of the center, which also offers a small menu. Great were the burgers, which were prepared with very high-quality products and are also available as an inexpensive menu (with chips and drink).

Beautiful city

I fell in love with the city and especially the magnificent landscape during our short trip. For connoisseurs and explorers, Riva del Garda is definitely worth a trip.

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