Town of Garda- Lake Garda

Garda town

Garda town lies between the huge steep hill La Rocca and the stunning peninsula San Virgilio. In the Bay of Garda, you can find lovely and varied vegetation. Beautiful cypresses, olive trees, myrtle, and oleanders grow there. Around the lake, numerous beautiful Lake Garda places invite you to stroll. Needless to say, there are countless beautiful hotels for a longer stay.

Garda on Lake Garda

Garda is a tiny town. The city has a population of approximately 4,000 inhabitants. Garda’s special thing is that there is no monotonous vacation there. In Garda, you will find a very nice balance of beautiful landscapes, many romantic corners, and the pulsating hustle and bustle in the city center. During the Roman period, the place was called the “pearl” of the lake. It was only in the 12th century that the lake got its name. Before that time, Lake Garda was called “Benaco.”

History of Garda

Nowadays, the remains of pile dwellings tell us that the region around the town has been particularly densely populated in the past. However, the former King of the Goths called Theoderich certainly had a fort built on a rocky plateau above today’s Garda in the 5th century. This castle, the Rocca di Garda, defended the reputation of being impregnable for a long time. Even the mighty Emperor Barbarossa, despite his efforts, was unable to conquer this terrain.

History of Garda

Regular changes in government have shaped the history of Garda. After the Longobard Prince Berengar II ruled for a long time, the terrain soon came under the influence of King Otto the Great. In the 16th century, the fortress was demolished to the ground after an attack by the Venetians.

Things to do in Garda on Lake Garda

One of the best ways to spend time in Garda is to take a pleasant walk along the extensive promenade. There is also a small harbor in Garda, where you can watch the bustle of the fishermen. A discovery tour by ship is also possible from the small port. The most beautiful beach in Garda, the “Baia delle Sirene”, offers an oasis of calm and a magnificent view. However, this is a privately owned beach, so it is only accessible with an entrance ticket. Of course, this also means that the beach is rarely overcrowded and it is very clean.

Baia delle Sirene Garda
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The first house facades can be seen directly behind the small harbor. The sight of these houses points to the former great power of Venice. The windows of the houses are elegantly and boldly decorated. Furthermore, you should visit the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which can tell many stories from the past. The church was built in the 16th century.

Events in Garda

In July, during the full moon night, a big festival is dedicated to fishing. The big rowing regatta, the Palio delle Contrade, takes place in mid-August. Every Friday, there is the weekly market at Garda’s market square. The market is one of Garda’s most meaningful events, especially for locals. You will find fresh fish and meat, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables there.

Places around Garda to visit

Those who visited Garda have actually arrived in the middle of the Veneto region. This picturesque region is reason enough to look beyond Garda’s town limits and admire this province in all its diversity. Veneto region is full of picture-perfect lagoons, which are very popular tourist destinations.

What to do in Garda Lake Garda

But Veneto also has a breathtaking wealth of art treasures and impressive nature on the mainland. The landscape of the Dolomites is of extraordinary beauty. Their diversity is ranging from captivating alpine landscapes to wide sandy beaches on the Adriatic coast. This colossal landscape is enriched by a remarkable cultural heritage that gives the Veneto region a magical atmosphere.

How to get to Garda

You should book flights to Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport, Milan Linate airport, or Verona Villafranca if you are planning a flight to Garda. You can also travel by car. From the north on the A22 highway from Modena to Brenner, please follow the A22 highway and choose the Affi exit. You will then go to Bardolino. However, branches to Garda are signposted.

The Peschiera del Garda exit is an option if you travel from the south on the A4 motorway from Milan to Venice. From there, you follow the signs to Garda.

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