Where is Desenzano Del Garda

Desenzano Del Garda

Desenzano del Garda is located in the southwest of the lake, and it is the largest town on Lake Garda with over 28,350 inhabitants. The city is placed in the center of a vast bay, bordered by the “Monte Corno” at the west and the Sirmione peninsula at the east. It has an excellent geographical position where everyone can admire the largest lake in Italy in its entirety.

Climate in Desenzano

The climate is mild with enjoyable temperatures and Mediterranean vegetation consisting of palm trees, laurels and oleanders.

Desenzano beaches

The parks and beaches of Desenzano del Garda are lovely, especially the beaches “Desenzanino”, “Spiaggia d’Oro” and “Spiaggia di Rivoltella”. There you can relax, do nothing and switch off while looking out over the expanse of Lake Garda.

Desenzano Beaches
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Desenzano now and then

In the 1st and 2nd centuries, Desenzano del Garda became the residence of many wealthy Romans. Due to the Roman expansion, the authentic town flourished thanks to its strategic location and the proximity to “Via Emilia”, an important link with the northern countries.

Today Desenzano is a trendy holiday destination because of its beautiful flowered promenade, its harbor, the impressive Venetian-style buildings and its scenic, cultural and architectural treasures.

Desenzano attractions

Particularly worth seeing are the medieval castle with the small crenellated towers, which lies in the heart of the city. Also, there is the archaeological museum and the remains of a Roman villa with remains of floor mosaics.

Attractions in Desenzano
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Desenzano train station

The train station, which is not far from the center of Desenzano, provides an excellent connection to the nearest cities such as Venice and Milan. The journey to Milan, for example, takes a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Market day in Desenzano

In the picturesque town of Desenzano, there is an antique market every first Sunday of the month. Also, many other markets take place during the week. For instance, there is a market in Desenzano every Tuesday, every Saturday market is in San Martino Della Battaglia near the city center, and Sunday market is in Rivoltella del Garda near Desenzano.

Desenzano market
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Activites in Desenzano

Of course, there is no lack of entertainment at the largest lake in Italy. Because there are art exhibitions, sporting events such as the sailing event, the famous Santa Claus marathon, the renowned festival “Culture of the chestnut tree” and many concerts. These events will surely be remembered.

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