Italy is always a good idea!

Italy is said to have more masterpieces per square miles than any other country in the world.
Why Italy?

Italy in numbers:

Italy tourism


Lakes in Italy

1500+ LAKES

Hotels in Italy

33 000+ HOTELS

Unesco Italy


Regions in Italy


Cities in Italy


Population of Italy


Islands in Italy


“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”

Positano in Italy

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a popular holiday destination, with sheer cliffs and a rugged shoreline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages. It is
declared one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its undisputed beauty and the uniqueness of its natural landscape.

Did you know?

1. Italy has the oldest population in Europe

 The median age of Italians is 46.3 years. Only Japan is in front of Italy in terms of an ageing population (46.9 years).

2. Italy has 3 active volcanoes.

Only Italy and Iceland have active volcanoes in Europe. In Italy, active volcanoes are: Vesuvius, Stromboli and Etna.

3. The smallest country in the world is in Italy

The Vatican City, located in Rome, is the smallest country in the world. It is roughly 1/8 the size of New York’s Central Park.


4. There is a free wine fountain in Italy

In the Abruzzo region, there is an actual free wine fountain that operates 24hours. It is a local winery creation and a must-visit place for wine lovers.


5. Italians did not invent pasta

Although the Italians are leading in Europe when it comes to pasta consumption, they didn’t invent it. Pasta actually came into the Italy in the 13th century through Arab merchants.


6. Tourists throw 3000 € every day into the Trevi fountain

Thousands of tourists in Rome are coming to beautiful Trevi fountain where they throw coins for luck. At the end of every day, around 3000 euros of change are thrown which is around 1.4 millions euros per year. The money from fountain is donated to charity and to those in need.


Pisa Visit Beautiful Italy
Sirmione Italy- Complete Travel Guide


Sirmione is one of the most popular “sights” in Lake Garda, with thousands of visitors flooding each day to view this picturesque town.

It is both a luxury summer resort with beautiful parks and walking trails, and a place with a rich history.

The main attraction is definitely The Scaligero Castle which was built in the 13th century.

Things to do in Positano



The former maritime town of Positano is famous for its beautiful location on the Amalfi Coast.

The town is mainly made up of alleys and stairs that meander along the slopes down to the sea.

The view of the sea, and the lush vegetation of lemon and orange trees, make Positano one of the most popular places in Italy.



San gimignano travel guide

San Gimignano


San Gimignano is a small medieval hill town in Tuscany.

It is surrounded by 13 towers that remained of the 72 towers of the fourteenth century when almost every family built a tower to show its economic power.

This little town is known for its local products like saffron, its white wine called Vernaccia di San Gimignano and the Golden ham.

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