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Amalfi Coast towns

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline in Campania, Italy. This paradise on earth is dotted with 100-meters-tall cliffs and 100 beaches, as well as 13 adorable seaside towns. 

In 1997, the Amalfi Coast was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, it is a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Amalfi Coast is a known cultivator of lemons that are grown in terraced gardens along the entire coast. These lemons are used in limoncello production, a popular lemon liqueur. 

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Tiny gems on the Amalfi Coast

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Questions & Answers about Amalfi Coast

1. Is Amalfi Coast expensive?

Amalfi Coast has a reputation as a destination for jet-set people, and therefore the prices are higher than in other parts of Italy. So, you can easily find many luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and exclusive bars. But, you can also find cheaper apartments and travel along Amalfi Coast on a budget.

2. When to visit Amalfi Coast?

The best time to visit Amalfi Coast is from April to June and in September. In these months, the temperature is very comfortable for exploring, and the Coast is full of flowers. July and August are usually very hot and crowded, while winter months often have unpleasant weather, and most of the hotels are closed.

3. Which airport is near Amalfi Coast?

The Naples airport is the closest airport to Amalfi Coast. It is around a 1-hour drive by car or shuttle and 2 hours drive by public transportation from Amalfi Coast.


4. Is Amalfi Coast safe?

Amalfi Coast has a very low crime rate, so it is a safe place for both group and solo travelers.


5. What to do on the Amalfi Coast at night?

Amalfi Coast has a pretty vibrant nightlife scene, which is particularly popular in the summer months. There are many cocktail bars for evening warmups, wild clubs with amazing parties, and music events for those who admire art and culture.


Questions about Amalfi Coast
Answers about Amalfi Coast

6. Is Amalfi Coast worth visiting?

Amalfi Coast is considered one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe, so it is definitely 100% worth visiting. Whether you are visiting Amalfi Coast town or hiking along the paths in nature, Amalfi Coast is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime.


7. What is Amalfi Coast known for?

Amalfi Coast is known for its production of limoncello, beautiful views, hidden beaches, picturesque towns, and narrow streets full of flowers. Because of its beauty, Amalfi Coast is a popular travel destination for famous celebrities, actors, and other jet-set people.


8. How long is Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi Coast is around 50 kilometers long stretch of coastline in southern Italy.


9. What city to visit on Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi Coast is full of beautiful little towns, so whichever you choose, you will not make a mistake. The most popular town on Amalfi Coast is Positano because of many Instagramers who come to this lovely town to take amazing photos. The town with the richest history is Amalfi town, which is perfect for those who want to combine exploring cultural attractions with relaxing on the beaches.


10. Where to park on Amalfi Coast?

Parking on Amalfi Coast is very problematic, so you should check hotels that offer cheaper or free parking.