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Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe and every year more than 90 million tourists come to this lovely country. In Italy, everyone will find something for themselves. Winter months are reserved for enjoying the snow in Italian Alps or other mountains. Summer is perfect for sunbathing and exploring Italian islands and coastal towns. August and Spring are also wonderful, especially if you want to explore ancient Italian cities and monuments.

In this article, you will find ten good reasons to visit Italy. Italy is known worldwide for pizza, pasta, and gelato, but it is not only famous in culinary terms. The country in the form of the boot impresses with an amazing landscape, unique coastlines, historical buildings, and a rich cultural heritage. Here are 10 reasons to visit Italy:

Italian variety

Italy stretches over an area of ​​301,338 km² and offers you magnificent cities, lonely beaches, vineyards, volcanoes, and much more. There you will find everything your heart desires, spread over 20 different regions, each with its own unique sights, traditions, and charm.

Reasons to visit Italy
Reasons to visit Italy

Every region will feel like you are in some other country. Even though you are still in Italy, differences between Italian regions are sometimes bigger than you can even imagine. Therefore, you should come to Italy again and not only visit it once in your lifetime.

Culinary highlights

Italian cuisine is an incentive for many to make their way to Italy because it offers something for every taste. In Italy, typical cuisine is one of the country’s most significant legacies. Pizza, pasta, pesto, gelato, bruschetta, and a lot more. Make your stay culinary, enjoyable, and unforgettable!

Why visit Italy
Why visit Italy?

Besides these popular Italian gastronomic brands, some regions, towns, and cities have their own unique products. For example, Parma is very popular for its cheese and ham, while in Lake Garda towns you can eat delicious specialties made with lake fish.

The different coasts

For those who enjoy time by the sea, Italy is perfect with its 7500 km long coast. Are you looking for nature, relaxation, and various stretches of the beach? Then Italy is the right place for you because you can escape the stress of everyday life in harmony with nature.

Why to go to Italy
Beautiful landscape in Italy

Whether in Tuscany, on the Amalfi Coast, or Sicily, you can find secluded bays, dreamy beaches, and clear water. Also, water sports are very popular in Italy, so you can spend your summer vacation actively. You can rent a kayak, paddleboat, sup or boat and explore hidden beaches, caves, and islands.

The climate

The climate is very different from the north to the south of the country. There are ski areas in the north and sunny islands in the south. So, Italy is also climatically very diverse. From Spring to Autumn, however, there is a Mediterranean climate in most of Italy, and therefore that period of the year is ideal for exploring Italy.

Reasons to go to Italy
Italian Alps

Therefore, whether you are a winter or summer lover, you can enjoy yourself in Italy. Also worth mentioning is that Italy doesn’t have many rainy days.

The impressive history

Italy is one of the most historic countries in the world. That is mainly reflected in the architecture, art, and countless tourist attractions. Even the smallest village offers exciting, sacred buildings and looks back on a rich cultural heritage, which is an excellent reason to visit Italy.

Why I should go to Italy
Best reasons to visit Italy

Italy holds the record for the most UNESCO heritage sites in the world. There are currently 58 UNESCO sites in Italy, of which are 53 cultural and 5 natural sites. Therefore, a trip to Italy for history lovers is a must!


Even though the subject of food has already been written, the Italian gelato deserves an extra point. Anyone who appreciates high-quality ice cream, a huge selection of different types, and the Italians’ expertise must pay a visit to the country of origin of the ice cream.

Should I go to Italy
Gelato truck in Italy

Gelato in Italian cities and towns is overall better quality than everywhere else in the world. Italian ice cream is creamy, full of flavors, and not so sweet as some commercial ice creams. Therefore, gelato in Italy is a quality dessert for a very affordable price.

High-quality wines

Who hasn’t tried a Bardolino, Lambrusco, or Chianti? If these seem to be the most famous wines, there are plenty of other high-quality wines in Italy. Tuscany is the most renowned destination for wine lovers in Italy, but there are also some other regions like Veneto and Piedmont, where you can find excellent wines.

Is Italy worth it
Italian authentic wines

Those who are true wine lovers can visit local family-run wineries or even spend a week there. Furthermore, wines in Italy are pretty cheap, so you can buy authentic, high-quality Italian wines even in regular supermarkets for an excellent price.


All roads lead to Rome. Italy’s fascinating capital with ancient buildings (Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum) inspires a large number of international guests every year. Experience the Dolce Vita in Rome and follow in the ancient Romans’ footsteps, stroll through the streets of the city and end your day in a typical trattoria.

Is it worth to go to Italy
One of the best reasons to visit Italy

There is also a Vatican state which is part of this beautiful ancient city. You can even go to a holy mass led by the pope or visit Vatican museums full of breathtaking artworks.


The largest island in the Mediterranean sea is really impressive. The island has more than 1000km of coastline, and the mountainous landscape with volcanoes like Mount Etna makes Sicily an exceptional travel destination.

Why should I visit Italy
Authentic Italian village in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most authentic places in Italy. You can feel what life looked like in Italy hundreds of years ago.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is also a beautiful place for a peaceful vacation. Many tourist activities are available there, and the northern part of Italy’s largest lake is particularly popular with sailors. Due to the Mediterranean climate, the lake and the surrounding villages are pleasurable places to visit.

Visit Italy yes or no
The largest lake in Italy

Besides these 10 reasons, there are many many more to visit this beautiful country. Every region, city, and village has something beautiful and unique to offer its visitors. So pack your things as soon as possible and go on your amazing Italian adventure!

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