Porto Vecchio Desenzano

With around 30 000 inhabitants, Desenzano del Garda is the largest town on Lake Garda. This lovely town is also a favorite destination for Italians, especially on weekends.

It is known as a paradise for shopping and nightlife lovers with lots of tempting shops and good restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs.

Besides, Desenzano has many significant historical and cultural attractions. You will find there narrow, winding streets, the old port, the castle Castello di Desenzano and other medieval buildings, the beautiful cathedral Sancta Maria Maddalena and much more.

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Where to eat pizza in Desenzano


With so many tourists traps, it is not easy to find a good pizzeria in Desenzano del Garda. In this article, you will find out where to eat an amazing pizza for reasonable prices!


Find the perfect restaurant in Desenzano del Garda


If hunger catches you while exploring the town, don’t worry. Desenzano del Garda has plenty of high-quality restaurants for you!


Questions & Answers about Desenzano

1. Where is Desenzano in Italy?

Desenzano del Garda is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Garda, which is the biggest lake in Italy. This pretty big town and the Garda Lake are part of the Lombardy region in the north part of Italy.

2. Is Desenzano worth visiting?

Desenzano is the largest town on Lake Garda, so there everyone will find something for themselves. This lovely town is perfect for walking, shopping, sitting in one of the many bars, clubs, and restaurants, or exploring many cultural sights such as Castello, Roman villa, and Porto Vecchio. Furthermore, Desenzano is the best town on Lake Garda for those who like to party in the late hours.

3. Which airport is near Desenzano del Garda?

If you are coming to Desenzano by airplane, the nearest airport is in Verona. It is around 2 hours drive away from Desenzano.


4. How far is Desenzano del Garda from Sirmione?

Desenzano del Garda is only 7 kilometers far from Sirmione, so it is easily reachable by car, taxi, or bus.


5. Where to go shopping in Desenzano del Garda?

There are a few shopping malls in Desenzano that are excellent places for everyone who wants to go shopping. The one closest to the center is called Il Leone Shopping Center, but you can also visit Mantova Village Outlet and Le Velle Shopping Mall.


Questions about Desenzano
Answers about Desenzano

6. Where to park in Desenzano?

Even though Desenzano has many parking spaces for cars, in summer it is pretty hard to find an available one. Near the center, parking is paid and you will have to pay between 1 and 2 and a half euros per hour. But, if you search away from the center, you can easily find free parking spaces.


7. Best time to visit Desenzano?

The best times to visit Desenzano are Spring and early Summer months. These months have the most comfortable temperature, the longest days, and everything is open until late at night. Another good month to visit Desenzano is September.


8. How to get to Desenzano?

You can get to Desenzano by car, bus, ferry, taxi or train. Buses and trains are the cheapest way, while ferries or taxis are an expensive but very comfortable ways to get to Desenzano del Garda.


9. What to wear in Desenzano?

Desenzano usually has very comfortable temperatures in Spring and Summer, so women can wear linen or light cotton dresses, shorts, or skirts while men can wear short sleeves, or cotton shirts. In Winter and Autumn months, you can expect very windy and rainy weather, so you should wear warm jackets.


10. What weather to expect in Winter in Desenzano?

Winter in Desenzano is pretty windy, and often rainy. Days are usually very short and cold, so you should wear warm clothes. Keep in mind, that some restaurants, boutiques, and hotels are closed during the Winter.