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Siena is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, located in a picturesque hilly landscape of the Tuscany region. In this splendid city, you can feel the lively Italian temperament and admire a lot of artistic, cultural, and historical sights.

Even though Siena has only 55,000 inhabitants, there are many magnificent squares, buildings, museums, and churches. The old town of Siena, which was built in the Middle Ages, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

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Questions & Answers about Siena

1. Where is Siena located in Italy?

The province of Siena, with the capital city of the same name, is located in the central part of the Tuscany region. The province is placed in the middle of a vast hilly landscape, between the Merse valley, the Elsa valley, and the Chianti hills.

2. How to get to Siena?

You can get to Siena by car, bus or train. If you are coming by car, you should take the A1 motorway towards Florence, exit at “Firenze Impruneta”, and then continue on the Firenze-Siena highway for around 40 minutes. Getting to Siena by train is definitely the most comfortable way because trains come to Siena from almost every city nearby. Traveling by bus is also a good option because buses are coming to Siena every 2 hours per day from various Italian cities.

3. Which airport is closest to Siena?

The closest airport to Siena is Florence airport, which is around 60 kilometers away and connected to Siena with a shuttle bus system.


4. Is Siena safe for tourists?

Siena is a very safe city considering its size. There have been reported only a few minor incidents of fighting because of partying.


5. When was Siena founded?

Siena was originally an Etruscan settlement that later became the Roman city of Sena Julia. But, Siena became powerful and known in the Middle Age.

Questions about Siena
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6. Why is Siena famous?

Siena is famous for its amazing cathedral, the main square called Piazza del Campo, and the Palio race, a medieval horse race that is held twice a year on that square. Furthermore, Siena old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a bunch of medieval buildings, streets, and statues.


7. How long to spend in Siena?

You can see all sights in Siena in one day. But if you want to explore all attractions and absorb the medieval atmosphere by simply strolling around, you have to stay at least two days in Siena.


8. Where is the closest thermal bath near Siena?

The closes thermal bath near Siena is Rapolano Terme, a modern spa located around half an hour drive away. But, if you are looking for hot water, relaxing baths, and treatments, you should head further south to Chianciano Terme or, better still, San Casciano.


9. Where is the best place to park in Siena?

The relatively new paid car park in Santa Caterina-Fontebranda is highly recommended because of little or no traffic. Another good parking lot is The San Francisco Parking because of an escalator that takes you right to the church. 


10. Where to go after visiting Siena?

Near Siena, also in the Tuscany region, there are many beautiful towns, each with its own uniqueness. You can visit Florence, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano or Val D’Orcia region- Montepulciano, Montalcino, and Pienza.