Things to do in Maiori at Amalfi Coast


Maiori, the small town, with its slightly more than 5000 inhabitants, has found many enthusiastic fans over the years. Thousands of people travel to this area every year to enjoy and discover the beautiful scenery, sights, and huge beaches. As archaeological finds prove, Maiori was already known and loved by the ancient Romans as a vacation paradise. And nothing has changed about that until today.

Maiori Location


Maiori offers everything a vacationer looking for relaxation could wish for. The city is close to such well-known places as Naples, Pompeii, Paestum, and Herculaneum, which are easily accessible from here. The nearest airport, which is often used by Maiori visitors, is in Naples, only about an hour’s drive away. The beautiful island of Capri is only a stone’s throw away from here and is always worth a visit.

Maiori Beach
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Maiori Attractions

In Maiori, there are also some impressive monuments and buildings waiting for the interested visitor.

Castello di San Nicola de Thoro-Plano

The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the medieval castle complex Castello di S. Nicola de Thoro-Plano, which has an unbelievable total area of ​​more than 7000 square meters. The castle is surrounded by massive walls and inside there are loopholes, warehouses, cisterns and a church dedicated to St Michael.

Maiori Castello di San Nicola de Thoro-Plano
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The church of Santa Maria

The church of Santa Maria a Mare is another highlight in the cityscape. In 1204 a statue of Santa Maria was miraculously found on Maiori beach. That statue is found on the main altar of the church that dates from 1529.

Maiori church
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Maiori Monastery

The monastery of Santa Maria Olearia fits perfectly and harmoniously into the area. Benedictine monks have lived and worked here since 973 and they run an oil mill.

Mezzacapo Palace

Marquis, the Count of Mezzacapo, built his palace in the first half of the 19th century directly on Corso Reginna, the central street of the city of Maiori. The gardens that belong to the palazzo are interestingly laid out in the shape of the well-known Maltese cross so they delight tourists to this day with an incomparable blaze of colors. Those who loves art can stay for a while in the rooms of palazzo to admire the frescoes by the painter Ludwig.

Maiori Palazzo Mezzacapo

Maiori Beach

Maiori will charm you with its landscapes and its beautiful beach, which is the largest one of all the Coast. The long beach is not far from the village. Pleasantly warm and clear water awaits those who love bathing and who spend their vacation in Maiori. There are a large number of small and medium-sized hotels that offer a wide selection of affordable rooms with good comfort.