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Minori is the western neighbor of Maiori, and it is idyllically situated in a small bay. Approximately 2,800 people live in this beautiful place. The place Minori was probably founded just like Maiori in around the year 700 BC. The inhabitants lived from fishing, paper production, and (since the 18th century) from pasta production. Minori mills and paper mills got their energy from the waters of the Reghinna Minor River. “Reghinna Minor” was also the name of the community in ancient times.

Where is Minori Italy

In 1954 the place was hit by a destructive flood. Today Minori is a popular tourist destination, but it is always a little overshadowed by the larger neighboring municipality of Maiori! Minori’s pasta is still legendary and coveted by locals and tourists alike, and it is impossible to imagine Italian cuisine without it.

Minori Italy Things to do

Attractions in Minori

Minori has a beautiful basilica dedicated to the town’s patron saint, Saint Trofimena. The relics of the saints are kept in the church. The basilica was built around 1200 in the Romanesque style, and it has the magnificent altar of the church, which is decorated with marble. The bell tower of “Santa Trofimena” was only built around 1800 in the neoclassical style. Also, there is another beautiful bell tower in Minori (and a romantic photo opportunity!) is the “Campanile dell‘ Annunziata “from the 12th century. The chapel belonging to the tower was demolished in 1950. In 1932 the remains of an ancient Roman villa were discovered near Minori. As archaeologists have found out, this “Villa Romana Marittima” dates from the first century AD and is now a strong visitor attraction for Minori. It consists of around 30 rooms and a garden with a fountain. In a museum near the villa, there are archaeological finds such as mosaics and clay pots.

Minori Italy Holidays

Holidays in Minori

If you want to jump into the Amalfi Coast‘s blue waters, you can do that on Minori beach. The “big beach” or the “Spiaggia Grande di Minori,” consists of fine pebbles and sand, and it is very well maintained. Minori also has a small boat harbor, good hotels, and plenty of holiday apartments to spend a holiday in this beautiful community. Besides the classic beach holiday, Minori, with its lovely surroundings, is also ideal for cycling and hiking.