5 things to do in Moniga Del Garda on Lake Garda- what to do and see

Moniga Del Garda

Moniga del Garda, a little town in the Lombardy region, is mainly known for its impressive location on the southwestern shore of the famous Lake Garda. This charming town is located between Desenzano del Garda and Manerba, so it is often underestimated by tourists who prefer to spend part of their holidays in more renowned locations.

But still, every year a pretty good number of tourists come to Moniga to swim in the lake, relax, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, or visit cultural sights.

Things to do in Moniga del Garda
Things to do in Moniga del Garda (Image source: MonigaPorto.com

The town has about 2,500 inhabitants and is nicknamed “the town of Chiaretto” for the famous combination with the typical rosé wine of the area made from grapes of the Groppello vine. Even though Moniga del Garda is a very small town, you can still see some fascinating tourist attractions. Here are all the things to do in Moniga del Garda:

Explore the castle of Moniga del Garda

The most popular attraction in the town is the castle that was built in Romanesque times to defend the population from the continuous invasions of the Hungarians. Over time, stylish apartments and apartment buildings have emerged from the former fortress, so today, the castle looks like a small town on the hill. When you enter the castle, you will see a large lawn with benches ideal for a picnic with luxuriant rosemary plants.

Moniga Del Garda Things to do
Free things to do in Moniga del Garda (Image source: VisitGarda)

Also, the castle is a popular place for taking wonderful photos because it offers a beautiful view of the lake from the hill. Next to the castle, you will find convenient parking and a small bar with great views. Overall, the castle is an amazing place for couples because it is the most romantic location in the town.

Visit San Martino church

The parish church dedicated to San Martino was built in the mid-fifteenth century and remodeled several times, the last of which was at the end of the eighteenth century. The church’s interior is quite interesting, and there you can see five lovely altars and some painted altarpieces.

Relax on beautiful Moniga del Garda beaches

Moniga del Garda has 5 kilometers long beaches, so it is a very popular summer destination. The most popular beach in town is Porto beach. This pebble beach is located 1 kilometer from the town center and is usually crowded with tourists during the summer season. The beach is well-equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, clean showers and toilets, and small restaurants and bars. There is also a news kiosk, and pets are not allowed on the beach.

Beach in Moniga del Garda
Beach in Moniga del Garda (Image source: Pinterest)

Towards the south, you will find the San Michele beach, also with free access and made of pebbles. North of the town there is the Liner beach which is less crowded than the previous ones, but still very beautiful. It is probably less crowded because of the bigger and more uncomfortable pebbles on the beach.

Enjoy walking on Moniga del Garda lakefront

Starting from the Port of Moniga and continuing north, you can enjoy a nice walk along the lakefront. If you plan to pass the whole lakefront, it will take you about 15-20 minutes in one direction. While walking along the lakefront, you will have gorgeous views of the lake, see some of the beaches mentioned above, and some popular restaurants and bars.

Have an active vacation

In Moniga del Garda on Lake Garda, not only tourists who yearn for relaxation and tranquility get their perfect vacation. From this lovely town, you can go on a variety of bike tours or hikes around the lake or through the area.

Numerous cycling and hiking trails are well developed and divided into different levels of difficulty to find the right path. In the town, there is also a possibility to rent a bike. Fabulous panoramic roads are spread around the charming Moniga that can be driven by car, bike, or motorcycle.

Moniga Del Garda Beaches
Active holidays in Moniga del Garda (Image source: Pinterest)

Those who prefer to enjoy sunbathing or playing water sports should visit the enchanting beach that is particularly popular with families with children. Gourmets can also feel like entirely at home there. In the rustic restaurants and traditional osterias, you can enjoy various dishes and typical regional delicacies.

The last one definitely includes the Chiaretto, a dark rose wine that is grown and produced in this region. No matter which type of vacation you choose, you will have an unforgettable time in Moniga Del Garda.

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