Top 5 best hotels in Positano for families


Are you planning to spend your family vacation in Positano? Luckily, this amazing town on Amalfi Coast is not only suitable for influencers and celebrities. On the contrary, you will see mostly families spending some fun time on the beach or hanging around in restaurants or cafes. Therefore, you can find a pretty good selection of family hotels and apartments in Positano. Before booking your accommodation, check out if there are spacious rooms or suites that offer enough space for the whole family to relax.

Best hotels in Positano for families
Best hotels in Positano for families

Separate sleeping areas can be a plus, allowing for privacy and comfort, but they can be pretty expensive in such a jet-set destination as Positano. Furthermore, you should look for a hotel that is conveniently located near attractions, dining options, and beaches. This can save time and make it easier to explore this steep town. To help you out with your choice, here are the best hotels in Positano for families:

(This article contains 5 family hotels in Positano, which are best in our subjective opinion. The order of the hotels is not related to the quality they offer. Every hotel has its pros and cons, so choose the one based on your personal preferences.)

Hotel Pupetto is an amazing 3-star hotel located right in front of Fornillo Beach. This beach is less crowded than Spiaggia Grande, and because of the hotel’s position, it feels private, too. Its main advantage is that the hotel is close to everything but very quiet. Therefore, you will be only a short walk from the main attractions in Positano, which is great, especially if you have small kids who don’t like to walk much. Furthermore, Pupetto has spacious & cleanrooms with beautiful views of the sea. You will love to spend your relaxing hours on the terrace with the deck chairs and umbrella.

Where to stay with a family in Positano?
Beautiful terrace at Hotel Pupetto in Positano (Image source:

Keep in mind that there are a lot of stairs to initially get down to the hotel. But once you are there, you can reach the town center by a stair-less path with incredible views called “lovers lane.” To avoid that, you can come here by ferry and use the porter service if you need it. If hunger catches you or your kid, don’t worry. There is an amazing and very affordable Ristorante Pupetto where you can try all kinds of Italian specialties.

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Florida Residence is a family-run accommodation with few outstanding apartments. They all have a terrace with breathtaking views, so it is no wonder that Florida Residence is often used as a wedding venue. If you are coming to Positano by car, this accommodation is a no-brainer because it is one of the few accommodations in Positano to offer free secure parking for guests on-site. Believe us, this feature is such a rare find in Positano.

Family accommodation in Positano
Lovely terrace at Florida Residence (Image source:

The residence is just a 10-minute walk from a sandy beach, and you will enjoy a delicious breakfast every day. However, the best feature of this place, especially if you have an early or late flight, is the 24-hour reception. It ensures that guests’ needs are attended to at any time and staff is even at your service for transportation. How great is that?

Casa Chiesa Nuova is another great option for your family vacation in Positano. Even though it is located above Positano, away a little bit less than 1 kilometer from the beach, you will easily fall in love with this lovely accommodation. There are few apartments available, all with a beautiful terrace, and conveniently located close to a market, the bus stop, and the bar that served delicious pastries and cappuccinos. Therefore, it is perfect for those families who plan to take day trips from Positano. Furthermore, this place is another rare one that offers private parking in Positano, along with an electric vehicle charging station.

Family apartments in Positano
View from Casa Chiesa Nuova (Image source:

To get down to the center of Positano, you will have to cross 438 steps or take the bus. However, if you have mobility issues or just don’t want to climb these steps, you can be transferred to the apartment in a convenient way and with high care on request. The best part about Casa Chiesa Nuova is that its guests can enjoy the convenience of fully equipped kitchens, complete with modern appliances like a dishwasher, oven, and microwave, so you can easily prepare food for your family and save so much money.

Buca di Bacco is a 4-star hotel set in a historical and very well-maintained building close to the beach and the port. Therefore, its main advantage is definitely the location. As you already know, Positano is built into the hills and requires constantly going up and down numerous stairs. So, if you don’t like walking much, at Buca di Bacco, you can have an enjoyable stay and everything you need at the reach of your hand.

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Balcony view at Buca di Bacco in Positano (Image source:

You will be only a few steps away from the beach, restaurants, and shops in a room with a beautiful balcony, comfortable bed, and bathroom full of amenities. At night, you can hear the waves when you sit on the balcony, and you can enjoy the sunset with a drink. The breakfast is also incredible. There is always fresh juice, cappuccino, eggs, cheese, and every pastry you could ever imagine, all made in-house.

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Hotel Dimora Fornillo is another great 3-star hotel for families and the last one on our list. It is located a bit high on the hill, so this hotel is a good option only for those who don’t have problems with crossing many steps to get down to the beach and up again in the room. It offers breathtaking views from balconies and an authentic Italian vibe. The rooms are really spacious with a large terrace which has two sun loungers and an elegant table and chairs.

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Garden at Hotel Dimora Fornillo (Image source:

Buffet breakfast is served in the garden overlooking the bay, so that will be a unique experience for itself. Because of the location, you can expect a peaceful vacation away from crowds. Furthermore, Hotel Dimora Fornillo is more reasonably priced than other nearby hotels in Positano, so it is also a great choice for those who like to travel on a budget. Worth mentioning is that the hotel is only 600 meters away from Fornillo beach.

Even though Positano is presented in social media as a luxurious and prestige destination full of celebrities and jet-set people, you will see many families both on the streets and on beaches. However, it is not always easy to find hotels that will be good value for your family trip. In recent times, the number of adult-only hotels is increasing and rooms are getting smaller to accommodate more couples.

But that doesn’t have to discourage you from visiting this amazing town. If you plan your trip enough on time, you will find a fair number of hotel and apartment rooms where you can stay with your whole family. From luxurious to budget-friendly, you can find them all with a little bit of effort.

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