Le Tese di Positano – why you should not miss this underrated hiking trail in Positano


For all those who like an active holiday, Positano is a true paradise on earth. It is a small town surrounded by beautiful hills that attract even those who are not fans of hiking. Positano got its fame because of its stunning views. Every corner of this magnificent town offers breathtaking views that are exploited all over the internet and social media. However, the best views of the Amalfi Coast are actually from the hills.

Le Tese di Positano view
View from Le Tese di Positano

Therefore, it is no wonder that there are many hiking trails on the whole Amalfi Coast. Among them, the most popular is Path of the Gods, which stretches from Agerola near Praiano to Nocelle near Positano. To cross the whole Path of the Gods, you will have to walk 3 – 5 hours, which can be pretty exhausting and even dangerous, especially during the summer months on a hot day under the sun. Luckily, there are shorter and less crowded hiking trails that offer similar views. One of them is certainly Le Tese di Positano.

Le Tese di Positano, also known as Route 333, is a hiking trail that connects Positano with the ancient village of Santa Maria del Castello, perched on the hills of Vico Equense. The trail is actually an ancient mule track around 3 kilometers long that starts at an altitude of 240 meters and ends at 652 meters, which is part of the Monti Lattari network of paths. Le Tese di Positano starts from Via Corvo in the Positano area, from a staircase that branches off from the Positano-Montepertuso road. For those coming by car, look for parking in Montepertuso.

The trail is mostly uphill but not too steep or dangerous. You can cross Le Tese di Positano going downhill from the village of Santa Maria del Castello. In that case, you have to take a bus (that goes from the village called Vico Equense) or just come up there by car. Those traveling by bus from Vico Equense to Santa Maria del Castello should check the timetable located at the station in Vico because not every bus goes to Santa Maria del Castello. Also, buy two tickets at once in Vico because there is no ticket office on your way back.

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Le Tese di Positano is an ideal break from the Positano crowds. Along the way, you will be surrounded by uncontaminated nature, full of wildflowers and butterflies. To hike the whole path, it will take, on average, around 1 and a half hours, but it can take up to 2 and a half hours if you make many stops to rest and enjoy the view. Therefore, Le Tese di Positano is short enough to fit into a day trip. The trail is mostly well-maintained, but the wooden handrail is pretty weak on some parts, so it is not advisable to walk on the edge.

Le Tese di Positano path
Le Tese di Positano hiking trail (Image source: Esperi.it)

Note that the trail has about 50 switchbacks and a lot of stairs, and the hardest part of the hike is the stairs in Positano. But believe us, the views are worth the sweat. They are ridiculously beautiful the entire time. About halfway up the town of Positano itself, you feel like you have the city to yourself. When you get to the top, you will have one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Amalfi coast. Overlooking Positano, it feels like flying over the town because of the sun and the silence that envelops you.

Preparing for the hike along Le Tese di Positano is an exciting adventure. As always, good shoes are essential, as the path is rocky, and a bottle of water is also a must. You don’t need a backpack if you are staying in Positano because it will only make your hike harder. A bottle of water per person is really enough because you will pass some refill stations in Positano, and again, once you get to the top near the church, you will see a fountain and a restaurant.

Even though most of the path is in the shade, it is advisable to bring sun cream, especially in the summer months. The sun and UV rays on the Amalfi Coast are very strong, even during the spring and autumn, so you can get sunburns in less than half an hour of exposure to the sun. Le Tese di Positano is recommended for those who are in reasonably good shape. Keep in mind that there are no benches along the way, so it can be a bit rough with kids. If you have slighter mobility issues, bring walking sticks which will help a bit.

Le Tese di Positano is still hidden and unknown to mass tourism. If you want to escape the crowded streets and beaches of Positano and enjoy the fresh air of nature, this trail is a must. But the most amazing thing about Le Tese di Positano is definitely the view. Along the trail, you can enjoy breathtaking views and a panorama that captures the essence of Italy’s natural beauty. And the best part is that you can enjoy these views in complete silence, alone with butterflies and the sound of pleasant wind.

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