Where to park in Positano?


Parking in Positano can be very challenging, and it is never easy and cheap. Positano has a very narrow geographical layout, so there are few parking areas, and public parking is often reserved for residents only. Therefore, many tourists ask themselves: “where to park in Positano?” Usually, the only option for Positano visitors is paying for a parking garage or staying in a hotel that provides parking places. Still, not many hotels and restaurants offer free parking for their guests, but you should get at least some discount.

The parking situation in Positano can be very stressful, so we recommend taking public transportation to get around, especially in the summer. Sita buses run daily between Positano and other towns on the coast. A ferry service also connects Positano to other beautiful towns on Amalfi Coast. Therefore, you should consider leaving your car in another coastal town that is well connected to Positano and has a better parking situation.

Where to park in Positano

Even though there are some parking places in Positano, they are often full and costly, so keep that in mind before entering the town by car. Fortunately, there is a way to save some money on parking and to be sure that there will be one parking place available for you. You have to reserve your parking space in advance. This is a very common practice in Positano, especially in the summer months. If you choose a full-day rental parking space, you will pay a much better price. Here are the best parking places in Positano:

Parking in Positano near center

The Mulini area is the most popular among tourists looking for parking in Positano. It is the only parking area that offers direct access to the center of the town. Actually, you will find yourself immediately in the middle of shopping streets while remaining only a stone’s throw away from the main beach. But, keep in mind that this is the most popular area, and therefore it is very hard to find an available parking spot. The best shot is to try early in the morning when the town is not so crowded yet.

Parking located in Piazza dei Mulini is called Migliaccio parking. The prices are a little higher than in other parking places in the town, but it is highly convenient for those arriving or leaving at any time of the day or evening. Pay attention to the entrances and exits because all the way around is a pedestrian street. Another parking on Piazza dei Mulini is called Parking Russo.

Parking in Viale Pasitea in Positano

Viale Pasitea is the main and the longest street in Positano. It is the only central street that goes from Amalfitana road down to the center of Positano. The street is so long that there are several different parking places. The first one is called Parking of Genaro, and it is located on number 1 of Viale Pasitea. It is paid parking in a great position for those who want to leave the car parked for the whole day to enjoy the sea or to spend a few hours of their day shopping.

Where to park in Positano
Where to park in Positano?

The second one is located on Viale Pasitea 82, called Mandara parking. It hosts several types of vehicles and is located above the Positano. Another parking place on the same street, but on number 173, is called Anna parking. It is very popular parking, incredibly convenient for those who want to sunbathe on Fornillo beach. Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle, and it is also possible to park large vehicles such as 7-seater or cars with a trailer.

Parking in Positano near Fornillo beach

Ma.cri parking in Positano is located on the same street, the same number as Anna parking. It is also trendy and close to Fornillo beach. There is also one more parking called Carpineto parking. It is located on Viale Pasitea 282 and is pretty small but very convenient, especially if you have a small vehicle.

Free parking in Positano

It is not possible to find free parking spots in the town, but nothing prevents you from leaving your car on Amalfitana road if you are not afraid of leaving your car a few kilometers away from the center. The only free parking in Positano is located in Nocelle and Montepertuso, small villages in the hilly area above Positano. From here, you can catch a bus to the center of Positano that runs pretty often every day. Parking spots in Positano marked by white and yellow painter lines are free, but they are reserved for residents.

Parking price in Positano

Positano is a costly town because of many jet-set and celebrity people that are spending their vacation there every year. Also, parking is a big problem in Positano, and therefore the prices for parking spots are extremely high. If you find parking near the center of Positano, you should expect a price between 8 and 10 euros per hour. Farther parking places are a little bit cheaper, but not much, so consider parking in Nocelle or Monterpertuso for free.

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