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Lake Garda region with its mountains and the largest lake in Italy is just the perfect place for a fantastic hike. In addition to the diverse nature, which can show off above all with mountains, Mediterranean flora and fauna, and the mild climate, the region is bursting with hiking trails and outdoor opportunities. You can hike, mountain bike, or enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Garda with a glass of wine in one of the small and picturesque villages such as Malcesine. Here are the top 5 entertaining hiking trails with the most beautiful views on Lake Garda.

Lake Garda Hike

1. Malcesine: Easy hike to Chiesa San Michele

This picturesque little village of Malcesine lies between Lake Garda and the majestic crest of Monte Baldo mountain. If you want to combine a visit to this jewel in the Italian region of Veneto with a hike, you can easily combine both with this round trip to the Chiesa di San Michele above the village. The short hike is worthwhile, even in bad weather. The almost one-hour climb is rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of Malcesine and the famous Scaliger castle. At sunset, the village turns into a sea of ​​lights mysteriously reflected in Lake Garda’s water.

Malcesine Hiking Trails
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Start: in front of the valley station of the Monte Baldo cable car (85 m)
Length: 7.6 km
Duration: 2 h
Elevation gain: 525 m
Difficulty level: easy
Best season: March to November
Good to know: Can also be walked on with sneakers

2. Pai di Sopra: hike to San Giovanni di Brenzone

Olive groves and the Mediterranean flair make the landscape in the Italian region of Verona a picturesque natural backdrop. The hike from Pai di Sotto to San Giovanni di Brenzone high above Lake Garda leads past old hamlets and lonely farmsteads until you finally reach the village of Campo di Brenzone. The medieval town seems to have stood still at another time. Nobody lives there anymore. The chapel of San Pietro in Vincoli, which was built in the 14th century, is located on the outskirts of the settlement and is worth a visit with its unique coloring and striking features.

Pai di Sopra Hiking
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Start: Park in Pai di Sopra on Via Carducci
Length: 9.4 km
Duration: 4 hours
Altitude difference: 630 m
Difficulty level: easy
Best season: March to September
Good to know: You can stop off at the village of Pai

3. Gardola: to the waterfalls in the forests of Tignale

This enjoyable hike leads through forests, deep gorges, and partly on narrow paths to the refreshing waterfalls in the forests of Tignale on Lake Garda. The hike starts easily, but it becomes a little more demanding in the middle section with a few difficult spots secured with ropes. There are several waterfalls along the road, which appears entertaining with its varied landscape. In summer, when there are hot temperatures, the cold water lures. Rest with a short jump into the water should therefore not be missed.

Tignale Hiking

Start: Gardola parking lot
Length: 4.9 km
Duration: 1.31 hours
Elevation gain: 148 m
Degree of difficulty: easy-medium
Best season: May to September
Good to know: Children can go too, but they should have a certain level of sure-footedness because you come across steep stairs, which are secured with ropes.

4. Monte Baldo: Hike on the “Sentiero del Ventrar”

Picturesque gorges, barren rocks, and always Lake Garda in view. This hike in the Garda mountains on Monte Baldo in the Veneto region has everything a hiking heart wishes. The path leads along narrow roads, and sometimes the difficult spots are also equipped with wire ropes. But the picturesque pastures, Lake Garda and the distant view of the Veneto plain help you quickly forget the hardships. Besides, the trail is full of vantage points where you can recharge your batteries. You should carefully look at the markings because some of them are painted on a rock.

Sentiero del Ventrar Hiking
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Start: in front of the valley station of the Monte Baldo cable car (85 m)
Length: 5.2 km
Duration: 2 hours
Altitude difference: 314 m
Difficulty level: medium
Best season: June to October
Good to know: In the summer months, because of the large number of visitors, it is advisable to go earlier to the Monte Baldo cable car station to start the climb at the time

5. Riva del Garda: hike to Monte Brione

On a section of the “Sentiero della Pace”, you will go towards Monte Brione, an elevation at the northern end of Lake Garda. Although it does not appear to be very high at 376 meters, its height is sufficient to enjoy a unique panoramic view of the surrounding places such as Riva del Garda and Nago-Torbole from its summit. This short hike to Monte Brione is entertaining and something for romantic souls. Because in the dusk, when the sky turns pink and red, Lake Garda’s view is remarkable.

Monte Brione Hiking

Start: Riva del Garda, chargeable parking at the boat harbor San Nicolò
Length: 5.5 km
Duration: 1.45 hours
Altitude difference: 315 m
Difficulty level: medium
Best season: June to October
Good to know: If you are coming to Monte Brione at dusk, don’t forget hand lamps

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