Sorrento is a picturesque coastal town that is known as the western gateway to the Amalfi Coast. It is a town of lemons, high-quality hotels, plunging cliffs, and small coves.

Hundreds of tourists are coming every year to Sorrento to stroll through the historic center’s narrow streets. This beautiful town is also full of small unique shops and artisan workshops.

The most lively place in Sorrento is Piazza Tasso. It is the main square in the town where everyone is enjoying a hot and tasty cappuccino. Romantic souls should visit the public Villa Comunale park where they can admire spectacular sunsets.

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Where to eat pizza in Sorrento

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Questions & Answers about Sorrento

1. Where is Sorrento located in Italy?

Sorrento is a town overlooking the Bay of Naples in the Campania region. It is located on the Sorrentine Peninsula, around 50 kilometers south of Naples and 260 kilometers south of Rome.

2. What is Sorrento famous for?

Sorrento is famous for its lemon products, beautiful views of Naples, and charming shopping streets. It is also known as a popular vacation place in the summer, with many beaches, bars, and restaurants. Besides that, there are many more things to see and do in Sorrento.

3. How big is Sorrento?

Sorrento is a small lovely town comparing with other Italian cities like Venice, Milan, or Naples. It has around 16 000 residents on the 9 square kilometers of total area. But, Sorrento is much bigger than towns on Amalfi Coast.


4. What to wear in Sorrento?

Any clothes will be good to wear in Sorrento, even though many people wear casual outfits. Sorrento has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and not-so-cold winters.


5. Where to watch sunset in Sorrento?

The best places to watch the sunset in Sorrento are Villa Comunale and Bellevue Sirene hotel’s terrace. Villa Comunale garden is free for all visitors, while in Bellevue Sirene you need to buy a drink to watch the sunset there.

Questions about Sorrento
Answers about Sorrento

6. Where to swim in Sorrento?

There are many beaches in Sorrento, but the most popular are Puolo beach and Marina Piccola beach.


7. Where to park in Sorrento?

There are free parking spaces (marked with white lines) and paid ones (marked with blue lines) in Sorrento. The paid parking spaces cost 2 euros per hour. There are also a few parking lots and garages with prices ranging from 22 to 32 euros per day.


8. What to do in Sorrento when it rains?

Sorrento, like other coastal towns, is the most beautiful on a sunny day. But if you find yourself there on a rainy day, you can visit various museums and churches, explore the surroundings of Sorrento or take cooking and limoncello class.


9. Are Sorrento hotels open?

Sorrento is a popular summer destination, so most hotels are open only from May to November. However, you can find some hotels that are also open throughout winter in Sorrento.


10. Is Sorrento worth visiting?

Sorrento is definitely worth visiting even though it is a very touristy town. Most tourists come to Sorrento only for a day because that is enough to see all attractions. But, Sorrento is a great base for trips to Amalfi Coast or Capri, so you should consider picking your hotel in Sorrento.