Is Ravello worth visiting?


Visiting Italy’s Amalfi coast is certainly worth your time. There’s no doubt about it. The region, just 50 kilometers long, is packed with stunning, colorful houses and churches. There’s rarely a spot on this little stretch that doesn’t have jaw-dropping views.

It’s grown exponentially in popularity over the past few decades. Everyone wants to come and spend their summer breaks in the inviting little fishing villages. It was even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. When visiting the Amalfi coast, you have many choices in places to visit, sightsee and sleep.

Is Ravello worth visiting
Is Ravello worth visiting?

Many visitors opt for bigger towns like Sorrento or Amalfi because they are convenient choices. However, they get overcrowded easily! So much for a peaceful getaway with people and noisy cars all around. You can also find smaller towns like the charming Ravello along the coast. Its stunning views of the sea and clifftop gardens make for unforgettable views.

However, be forewarned: many travel guides urge caution when booking an Amalfi coast vacation. Your choices could land you in a town with gouged prices and poor service. Is Ravello another one of these traps, or is it worth your time? Read our guide to learn more!

The pros of visiting Ravello

One of the biggest factors putting Ravello above the competition is that it is much cleaner and less polluted than other Amalfi coastal cities. This is an issue that has plagued the region since it started growing in popularity. More and more people bring their cars to the region, and as a result, cities like Sorrento and Amalfi have poor air quality. Stay in Ravello, however, and enjoy some of the cleanest air in all of Southern Italy!

It’s also one of the most peaceful spots on the coast. Why’s that? It’s at a much higher elevation than other Amalfi towns, so fewer people make the journey into the mountains to see it. And how they’re missing out! Since you’re higher up, you get the best views of the entire coast and enjoy a quieter atmosphere than in other towns.

Is Ravello worth it
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Finally, the price point is impressive. Most small towns along the coast have higher prices than Sorrento or Amalfi due to a lack of competition among restaurants or hotels. Ravello, however, is an exception! While not necessarily a budget backpacker’s ideal destination, it’s considerably more affordable than some of its neighbors.

The cons of visiting Ravello

There are two small downsides to staying in Ravello. However, knowing about Ravello’s position in the mountains, you can probably guess what they are. Accessibility can be an issue. Ravello is up in the mountains. Traversing the city streets can be challenging, especially in the heat of summer. Some parts of the city are strictly pedestrian-only, meaning you can’t depend on buses and taxis to reach everywhere. You need to be somewhat in shape to be able to walk around.

Ravello pros and cons

The other issue is that there’s no beach. Most people come to the Amalfi coast to kick back and relax. Ravello is still a great place for that! However, you’ll need to commit to a day trip to a nearby town to make that happen. The city’s got it good when it comes to natural attractions, though. It’s a wonderful jumping-off point for different hiking trails. Get some of the best views in the country atop these peaks.

The verdict

In short, the answer to whether Ravello is worth a visit is– yes! The next question is whether you should stay there or just visit for a day. The truth is, Ravello is a trip within itself. Its mountainous terrain is a huge change of pace from the waterfront towns down below. Sit on a terrace and forget about all the madness and the long line of cars running around below.

People drop everything and head to the coast for some peace of mind, and Ravello is one of the few places you can still do that. It’s a good choice for a day trip, too. The drive is reasonable, and you can enjoy a short hike or simply take in the landscape from the comfort of a cafe for a few hours. If you want to visit the Amalfi coast and don’t care for beaches or big crowds or just want something unique, then Ravello is the place for you!

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