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Amalfi Coast

If you are planning to visit the iconic Amalfi Coast, chances are that you are expecting to find glorious sunshine, famous landmarks, and friendly local people. Well, this region of Italy has all of those things and more in abundance! But have you given any thought to how safe the Amalfi Coast is? With its winding roads, busy tourist spots, and steep cliffs, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the information and tips in this article.

Is the Amalfi Coast safe
Is the Amalfi Coast safe?

When you visit the Amalfi Coast, you want that your vacation to go smoothly without any troubles. Furthermore, every tourist wants a safe and enjoyable experience in Italy. Therefore, read on to discover whether the Amalfi Coast is safe and learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe during your trip.

Did The Amalfi Coast Used To Be Safe?

While the Amalfi Coast today is known for its quaint fishing towns and villages, delicious foods, and outdoor drinking culture, this region and Italy as a whole used to have a different reputation around the world in one key area – major crime. There is a long history of organized crime in this European country that dates back many centuries. 

The Amalfi Coast wasn’t exempt from the operations of these criminal organizations, many of whom operated intensively in the Campania region. The Mafia operated in this area of Italy alongside other mafia-like groups. These groups would affect the social and economic situation in many Italian regions, and their actions traditionally deterred many tourists from visiting this beautiful country.

Is The Amalfi Coast Safe Now?

Today, the Amalfi Coast experiences much less organized crime than it used to, which makes it a relatively safe place to visit overall. This fact is evidenced by the increasing number of tourists who feel comfortable visiting this great country. While mafia-like groups operate much less frequently in the area today, that doesn’t mean that the region is now completely safe. After all, no country, city, town, or village is entirely free from risk. 

Non-human causes can also affect your safety during your visit to the Amalfi Coast. Getting to beautiful viewpoints on this stretch of the Italian coastline can often involve walking along dangerous cliffs that are a great height above sea level. Navigating these often treacherous routes can be dangerous, with a high risk of slipping and falling. Visitors are advised to never explore the cliffs alone and to stay away from cliff edges.

Are There Pickpockets On The Amalfi Coast?

Any popular tourist destination is at risk from pickpocketing, and the Amalfi Coast is no exception. Although a minor crime, pickpockets take advantage of tourists in the region, aware that they are less clued up than native Amalfi Coast residents. While locals are more aware of the risk of pickpocketing, many tourists arrive without giving this sad reality much thought. This can result in your money, phone, laptop, passport, or clothes being stolen.

Safety on Amalfi Coast
Safety along the Amalfi Coast (Image source: Flickr)

Pickpockets don’t operate in all areas of the Amalfi Coast, but it is still wise to have your wits about you at all times. The areas to be extra vigilant are on buses and trains and likewise in bus and train stations. Never leave your bags out of sight on either vehicle. It is also advisable that you be aware of the heightened risk in busy areas like piazzas. Famous landmarks are riskier areas, too, such as near well-known palaces and fountains. With this knowledge, you can ensure a safer trip, after which all your belongings come home with you.

Is It Safe To Drive On The Amalfi Coast?

Drivers are advised to take extra precautions when driving through the Amalfi Coast. While much of the region is perfectly safe to drive around, this part of Italy is also known for its narrow roads. These winding streets pose additional risks to both drivers and those traveling in vehicles with them. Narrow roads can lead to more collisions and crashes.

The best practice is to rent a smaller car and to follow the speed limits at all times. You should keep an eye out for road signs that will alert you to higher-risk areas and follow all instructions provided. If you are patient, drive slowly, and remain alert at all times, you will find the Amalfi Coast roads easy to navigate.

Is the Amalfi Coast safe for solo travelers?

In recent times, solo traveling has become more and more popular among young travelers. Even though it is both thrilling and fun, solo travelers are often concerned about their safety before going to a country they have never been before. Female solo travelers are especially interested in knowing what danger can occur while being in a foreign country alone. Fortunately, the Amalfi Coast is a pretty safe destination for solo travelers. However, there are some risks which are common for almost all countries.

It is not advisable to walk alone in the dark or in isolated areas at night. Furthermore, if you are planning on exploring the coast by foot, stick to marked trails and be sure to let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. It is also important to be mindful of your belongings. Keep your passport and other important documents locked up in your accommodation, and avoid carrying large sums of cash or valuable jewelry. In addition, be wary of strangers who approach you, especially those who seem overly friendly or insistent on offering you unsolicited help.

Top Tips to Stay Safe On The Amalfi Coast

While this all might seem a little scary, safety risks are relatively minimal in this region compared with others around the world. Plus, there are plenty of ways to reduce your risk while traveling on the Amalfi Coast. By following these top tips, the risks to your safety and the safety of your traveling party will be greatly reduced.

How far is the Amalfi Coast
Be confident while traveling

To avoid being targeted by pickpockets, you should adopt a confident attitude. Explore the Amalfi Coast like you are familiar with it, and never let on that you are a confused or lost tourist. They are more likely to try to steal from you if they think you are clueless. The advice is to “look like a local.” This means dressing in a European fashion, walking with confidence, and speaking in Italian if you can. 

You should also avoid being distracted too often, as these are prime moments for pickpockets to slip into your pocket and take your phone or cash. If you need to carry a bag around with you, always keep this in front of you. Wear a rucksack on your front and preferably use an over-the-shoulder bag positioned in front of you. Also, consider what you need to have with you, opting to carry only small amounts of cash and a few valuable objects.

When it comes to driving, use taxis and public transport rather than hiring your own car if this is feasible for your itinerary. Just remember to keep your luggage in sight at all times on public transport. Finally, you are probably excited about the glorious sunshine on offer throughout the Amalfi Coast region, but while the heat is enjoyable, it is important to stay hydrated and use sun cream every day.

The increasingly hot summers on the Amalfi Coast can cause dehydration, so always take the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe in the sun. Overall, the Amalfi Coast is a safe destination to visit so long as you take the necessary precautions listed in this article. Following these, you will be free to relax and enjoy your trip.

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