Top 10 Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is a beautiful place known for charming fishing villages on rugged rocky slopes, small pastel-colored cottages, paradisiacal beaches, and highly rugged shorelines. During your vacation, you can discover hidden bays along winding roads that lead directly along the azure Gulf of Salerno. Amalfi Coast is home to some very popular towns, like Positano or Sorrento.

But, you should not explore only them. Rather, you should also focus on discovering small hidden gems, such as the idyllic coastal villages of Praiano or Atrani, where time seems to have stood still. Those who love swimming and tanning should experience the amazing beaches that Amalfi Coast offers. For a nice relaxing vacation, these are the top 10 of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast:

Lannio beach in Cetara

The small fishing village of Cetara, near Capo d’Orso, has one of the most impressive beaches on the Amalfi Coast. If you go down about 100 steps at the level of the Falalella restaurant, you will find an idyllic sandy beach among the jagged rocks.

The water is stunningly blue and transparent, the view is outstanding, and there are no crowds like on some other Amalfi Coast beaches. The beach is divided into two parts, a private beach, and a free beach.

Lannio beach Cetara
Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast (Image source: Cetara Turistica)

Maiori beach

Maiori has the longest sandy beach on the entire Amalfi Coast. Therefore, this small town is a very top-rated destination for families with children. Along the approximately 1 kilometer-long beach, there is a lush green promenade, beautiful hotel complexes, restaurants, and cafes.

Best beaches on Amalfi Coast
Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast for swimming (Image source:

The beach is also very popular because it served as a filming location for the legendary Italian director Roberto Rossellini. There is a wide range of sports facilities so you can not only swim there but also go on excursions by pedal boat or take a few adrenaline-pumping rides on the banana boat.

Fornillo beach in Positano

The beach at this small bay in Positano is perfect for those who find the famous Marina Grande too crowded. There you will find umbrellas and sunbeds for 25 euros, though you can also sit in the public area for free. A restaurant, showers, and a pedal boat rental make this stretch of beach an ideal place to relax.

Fornillo is a pebbly beach, so don’t forget to bring your water shoes. This lovely beach is very clean, and from there you will have wonderful views.

Fornillo beach
Most Beautiful Beaches on Amalfi Coast

Baia di Iearanto

Near Sorrento lies this extraordinary beach, which is a part of the Punta Campanella nature reserve. You can reach the small sandy beach, hidden among the bleached rocks, either on foot or by boat across the sea that shimmers in many shades of blue.

If you decide to hike, you will get there in 35 minutes from Nerano, but keep in mind that the last 15 minutes of the walk will be quite steep. The water there is very clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Baia di Ieranto
Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast for couples

Fiordo di Furore

Furore is known for its steeply towering limestone cliffs in front of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea and pastel-colored cube houses. It is located between vineyard terraces and fragrant lemon groves, which is a very charming scene. However, Furore also offers a unique beach experience.

Fiordo di Furore
Coolest Beaches on Amalfi Coast (Image source: TripAdvisor)

Below an imposing stone bridge, you can swim directly in a gorge. The beach is littered with smooth pebbles, so that bathing shoes can be quite useful. On the beach, there is plenty of shade, so you will enjoy it on a hot summer day. But, parking is a nightmare, illegal, and an obstruction to traffic there, so it is better to use the SITA bus to get there.

Marina del Cantone beach

Marina del Cantone beach is a perfect vacation spot for those who want to feel the sea’s wildness and discover new shores for themselves. This lovely long beach has gently rounded pebbles and crystal blue seawater. On the beach, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, as well as public spots where you can put your towel for free.

Marina del Cantone
Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast to Relax

However, despite the numerous restaurants and hotels, the coast remains quite relaxed so that you can spend a relaxing time out there. While walking on the beach, it is worth taking a look at the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, which can be found on the beach’s eastern edge.

Marina di Praia beach

The small beach is very popular not only with sun worshippers but also with divers. This nice tucked-away beach area has plenty of space for sunbathing even though it looks small. Other great things are that you can park very close for a reasonable price, there are amazing restaurants nearby, and the evening views are outstanding.

Marina di Praia
Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast with view (Image source:

Marina di Praia beach also acts as the harbor for water taxis and private charters to other towns, so it can get quite busy. This rocky beach offers numerous experiences, and there are plenty of water sports available, like kayaking and scuba diving.

Marina Piccola beach in Sorrento

The town of Sorrento on the Gulf of Naples is considered a mecca for lovers of sun-ripened citrus fruits. But besides the typical Limoncello liqueur, many of the visitors look for the Marina Piccola beach, which is one of the most popular in the city.

Its location in the center of Sorrento and its accessibility by a narrow staircase carved into the rock is why many tourists are coming there. Furthermore, the beach is such a beautiful spot to be by the water and enjoy a cocktail in the evening.

Marina Piccola Sorrento
Romantic Beaches on Amalfi Coast

La Marinella beach in Amalfi

In Amalfi, there are a total of three beaches. While Marina Grande and Lido Delle Sirene are quite busy during the summer, you can get away from the hustle and bustle at La Marinella, located near the restaurant of the same name.

This tiny beach is very popular with locals who come to the pebble beach to ring in the evening with a little aperitif and watch the fantastic sunset. The clear water with its silvery sheen invites you to swim. Thanks to the gently sloping seabed, even small children can enjoy the sea without any worries.

La Marinella Amalfi
Best Beaches on Amalfi Coast for locals (Image source: SimplyAmalfiCoast)

Atrani beach

Right next to lively Amalfi is the small quiet town called Atrani. It is still undiscovered by mass tourism, so this place is very authentic. There is a small beach under a bridge which is very easily accessible. Atrani beach is very popular for families with children because it has shallow entry to the water.

Atrani beach
Best Sandy Beaches on Amalfi Coast (Image source:

The beach has soft dark sand and offers a perfect place to relax under the Italian sun with a few sun sunbeds and umbrellas. This 130 meters long beach has two lidos, bars, and good restaurants nearby.

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