Is Trastevere in Rome safe? – Safety tips for travelers


Throughout Italy, there are many great cities and locations worth visiting for a vacation, but perhaps the most incredible one of them all is the capital city of Rome. With arguably the richest and most interesting history out of any city in the world and so many wonderful sights to see, places to eat, and things to do, Rome is a must-see city for anyone who loves to travel. One place, in particular, worth visiting while spending some time in the city is the Trastevere neighborhood.

Is Trastevere in Rome safe
Is Trastevere in Rome safe?

It is widely regarded as one of the very best hidden gems scattered around the city. This neighborhood is the home of many great historical churches, bars, restaurants, food markets, artisan stores, and so much more. Rome has a notorious reputation for pickpocketing, scams, and theft, so many people might be put off from visiting the city. But how safe is Trastevere neighborhood? In this article, we will show you all you need to know about the area, everything to watch out for, and everything to avoid.

The Trastevere neighborhood

First of all, it should be stated that the reputation Rome has for crime is quite exaggerated and overemphasized. Rome is no more unsafe than any other major European city. Violent crime rates are very low, and the city was even voted in the top 30 safest cities to live in a study undertaken by the Economist back in 2021. The neighborhood of Trastevere is no different, and crime rates there are also reported to be very low. Even at night, when the area really comes alive, Trastevere is known above everything else for its lively nightlife and charming twilight atmosphere.

At night, you can enjoy all the bars and restaurants situated around the area with minimal risk of danger. Like any city, there are cases of drunk and disorderly behavior and pickpocketing. But these are relatively slight and can be avoided as long as you stay aware of your surroundings and stick to the main streets and square. There is actually more danger of being pickpocketed or scammed during daylight hours as more tourists are wandering around the area, taking pictures or admiring the sights, leaving their guard down and making them more susceptible to theft as a result.

Safety in Trastevere in Rome
Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere (Image source: Flickr)

Overall, as Trastevere is a somewhat quieter and hidden section of Rome, there is much less chance of becoming a victim of crime. The hotels, shops, bars, bistros, and restaurants all have a fairly good reputation for safety and not ripping tourists off. As long as you don’t leave your possessions unattended or wander down the wrong street, you should be totally fine.

Unsafe areas and what to avoid

With a high presence of law enforcement in Rome and the surrounding suburbs, the crime rate in the city is as low as ever. With that said, there are some neighborhoods that are less safe than others and have more of a reputation for crime and vandalism. These areas are mostly low-income residential areas that you would have no reason to visit, but it is worth mentioning a couple briefly, just in case.

Romanina, San Basilio, Tor Bella Monaca, and Corviale are among the most notorious neighborhoods. Thankfully, none of these are anywhere near Trastevere and are easily avoided. It is best to avoid any non’ main street’ area, especially at night, and always try to plan your route ahead of time. Also, try to always travel in a group if possible. These few simple things will greatly reduce any risk of danger.

In terms of Trastevere and Rome in general, the biggest threat tourists face is pickpocketing and scams. Actual muggings rarely happen, and as long as you remain vigilant and use common sense, you won’t be a target. In the next part, we will look at some practical things you can do to ensure your safety even more.

What to watch out for in Trastevere?

Crime experts have stated that almost every crime can be prevented ahead of time with a bit of conscious awareness and preventative planning. The following are some useful tips and things to be aware of if you want to stay safe. Some might seem obvious, and some are quite insightful, but both are worth knowing anyway.

  • Don’t dress too flashy or too touristy – This may single you out as a target in a crowd.
  • Don’t flash large amounts of cash around – Most places accept credit cards, and even if your bag or wallet is stolen, you can cancel your credit card before any money can be taken from it. Be vigilant around ATMs and check the machine before withdrawing money.
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended – Never leave your phone, jacket, or any other item alone for a second, even if you are just going to the bathroom in a café or ordering a drink from a bar, for example.
  • Be aware at all times – many pickpockets work in pairs and will try to distract you or take advantage while your guard is down. Always be aware of your surroundings and your possessions. Always be on the lookout for suspicious-looking characters nearby.
  • Be careful of public transport – Public transport is relatively safe during the day, but at night, it is best avoided if possible. Transport terminals are often pickpocket hotspots, as are train stations, both during the day and at night.
Taxi in Rome
Taxi in Rome
  • Be careful of taxis – Taxis are notorious for scamming tourists and charging more money. For this reason, it is better to book a taxi or ride online from a legitimate company or through an app.

Is Trastevere in Rome safe or not?

In the Trastevere area, there is less chance of being a victim of a crime than in other parts of Rome. Nevertheless, you should always keep your eyes open for any possible threats, especially in places crowded with tourists. Your safety and the safety of your belongings is largely within your control. Don’t forget that!

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