What is Burano famous for?


Burano is the most famous island in the whole lagoon besides Venice itself. It is an unmissable stop for everyone who stays in Venice for a few days and wants to explore the lagoon. But what is Burano famous for?

You will have to get away from magnificent Venice for a moment to find an answer to this question. Head to the Fondamenta Nove stop, take the Vaporetto line 12, and come to this colorful island. Here are all things that you will experience in Burano:

Colorful houses

The first thing that will catch your eye when you arrive in Burano is the variety of colors of its houses. These colors go from yellow and fuchsia to aqua green and fiery red. Wherever you look, you will see colors, colors, and nothing but colors. It is still unknown why the houses of Burano have these goofy colors, but there are a few theories.

What is Burano famous for
What is Burano famous for?

One of the theories tells that local fishermen painted their houses in bright colors so that they could find them in the thick fog. However, another one goes in the direction that these houses were symbols of different families, and those colors distinguish one family from another.

There is also a theory that the facades of Burano houses were frequently degraded because of high humidity. Therefore, they should have been often painted, and there were no available dyes other than these bright colors, so locals accepted them.

Nowadays, it is even impossible to change the house’s color without permission from the local government. This rule seems quite logical because Burano has become a massive tourist attraction because of its lovely homes.

Bridges and canals

If you look at Burano on the map, you will see that it is a single, rounded island. But, if you look up closer, you will immediately notice that it is made up of four mini-islands separated by three channels, the Rio Pontinello, the Rio Giudecca, and the Rio Terranova. That is why you will see many beautiful and scenic bridges and canals with perfectly lined fishermen’s boats.

What makes Burano famous
What makes Burano famous?

The most famous bridge, which shouldn’t be missed, is the Tre Ponti. It is a wooden bridge with three stairways that connects three canals and three of the island’s main streets, full of shops and attractions. Don’t be surprised by crowds because this is the most romantic and instagramable place to take a photo in Burano.

Burano lace

While the colorful houses are the main attraction of Burano, the authentic tradition of this charming place is the art of lace products. All over the island, you can find lace shops with elegant and unique shapes, resulting from an artisan tradition that is slowly being lost.

There is even the Lace Museum, where it is possible to learn about the Burano lace-making art. In the museum, you will find historical testimonies, photos, and processing techniques exhibited and explained by the inhabitants of Burano.

Bepi House

Located just behind Piazza Galuppi, Bepi Suà’s house represents Burano at its best. It was owned by Giuseppe Toselli, an inhabitant of Burano who has been selling sweets and loved cinema, children, and colors. Even though he passed away in 1985, his spirit lives through the most beautiful house in Burano.

Bepi house Burano
Bepi house in Burano (Image source: Pinterest)

It is said that every day Bepi added a design or a splash of color to his facade, so this lovely house is not only colorful but also full of different geometric shapes and figures. Bepi was very active in his community, so he also transferred his passion for cinema to children. During the hottest evenings, he organized an outdoor cinema in front of his house.

Fondamenta di Terranova

If you are looking for an authentic experience, Fondamenta di Terranova is the perfect part of Burano for you. This is the most residential area, less frequented by tourists, but it is equally beautiful, colorful, and spectacular.

You will not find any restaurants or shops there, but seeing local houses is an experience on its own. You can even see a local post office there. How lovely is that!

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