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Venice is one of the most popular cities both in Italy and the whole of Europe. More than 10 million tourists visit Venice every year to admire this unique and unusual city. Therefore, it is no wonder that in tiny Venetian streets, you can find numerous small pizzerias, kiosks, and bakeries that offer quick snacks.

They are very popular because Venice is a very expensive city, and these street food options are more available to ordinary tourists than restaurants.

Best pizza in Venice
Best pizza in Venice

Even though you can find a small pizzeria at almost every corner of Venice, it is not so easy to find a good pizza. Most of these small pizzerias look almost the same, and prices depend on location, but the taste can vary a lot.

Pizzas are cooked in an electric oven, but some pizzerias put more effort into making delicious dough and using fresh and quality ingredients. Here are the top 5 pizzerias in Venice:

(This article contains 5 pizzerias in Venice, which are best in our subjective opinion. The order of the pizzerias is not related to the quality they offer. Every pizzeria has its pros and cons, so choose the pizzeria based on your personal preferences.)

Antico Forno

Antico Forno Venice
Best pizza in Venice with seats (Image source: TripAdvisor)

Antico Forno is a small pizzeria located just a stone’s throw from the Rialto Bridge. It offers a great variety of pizzas both for takeaway and to eat on the spot.

This place is not very spacious and is often crowded but has a very welcoming counter with 6 stools and high-quality pizzas. So, if you want to eat delicious pizza without spending a fortune, this pizzeria is something you should consider.

Pizzas have light and soft focaccia dough that is soft inside and crunchy outside. Furthermore, they are made in front of the people, well-cooked, super stuffed with high-quality ingredients, and very delicious. Besides pizza, this place offers a nice selection of wines, prosecco, regular and craft beers.

Antico Forno Pizzeria is a lovely corner in Venice for a quick but quality meal. It is located in Ruga Rialto, which is around 800 meters (0.5 miles) far from San Marco square in Venice. This pizzeria is open every day from 12:00 PM (12:00 hours) until 9:30 PM (21:30 hours).

  • Distance: 800 meters (0.5 miles) far from San Marco square in Venice
  • Pizza price: 5 to 9,50 euros


Bakery with pizza in Venice (Image source: TripAdvisor)

Farini is a simple but very popular place where you can quickly eat really good things at an affordable price. This place is actually a bakery that does not offer table service, but you can eat your meal inside on the counters or outside on the tables in the square.

The pizza slices are quite large, soft and crunchy at the same time, made with quality ingredients, and well seasoned.

Besides pizza slices, this bakery offers other excellent fresh products such as focaccia, brioches, a variety of croissants, delicious sandwiches, watering cakes, Greek yogurt with fruit, cereals, sweet rolls, and healthy salads. Also, this place is perfect for those who want to drink a good coffee. The staff is very kind, and prices are fair compared to many other places.

Farini is ideal for a quick snack, breakfast, or eating without spending a lot. It is located in Calle Seconda de la Fava, 500 meters (0.3 miles) away from San Marco square. This bakery is open Monday to Thursday from 7:00 AM (7:00 hours) to 9:00 PM (21:00 hours), and Friday to Sunday from 7:00 AM (7:00 hours) until 10:00 PM (22:00 hours).

  • Location: Calle Seconda de la Fava
  • Website:
  • Phone: +39 041 302 3977
  • Distance: 500 meters (0.3 miles) far from San Marco square in Venice
  • Pizza price: 4 to 4,70 euros per slice

C’e Pizza e Pizza

C'e Pizza e Pizza Venice
Best pizza in Venice for takeaway (Image source: TripAdvisor)

C’e Pizza e Pizza is a classic takeaway pizzeria near San Marco square. Therefore, eating inside is impossible, but you can eat in the square or while sitting in the nearby canal.

This lovely pizzeria is located just far enough from the crowds and close enough to the major attractions. There is a huge variety of excellent pizzas, from classic ones to more unique ones.

All pizzas have top-quality ingredients, rich toppings, light, thin, crunchy, and easy digestible dough, and all are handmade and freshly prepared. You can see that locals buy pizza there, which also speaks of its quality. Home delivery is also available, so you can order hot and freshly baked pizza directly at your apartment or hotel.

You can choose between the normal size of pizzas that cost from 4,50 to 9 euros and the maxi size ranging from 8 to 14 euros. C’e Pizza e Pizza is located in Salizada S. Antonin, which is 750 meters (0.4 miles) far from San Marco square. It is open every day except Tuesday from 11:30 AM (11:30 hours) to 3:00 PM (15:00 hours) and from 5:00 PM (17:00 hours) until 10:00 PM (22:00 hours).

  • Location: Salizada S. Antonin
  • Website: facebook page
  • Phone: +39 041 521 2738
  • Distance: 750 meters (0.4 miles) far from San Marco square in Venice
  • Pizza price: Normal size- 4,50 to 9 euros, Maxi size- 8 to 14 euros

Pizza Al Volo

Pizza Al Volo Venice
Best pizzeria in Venice near Piazzale Roma (Image source: Pinterest)

Pizza Al Volo is a small, very good, and cheap takeaway pizzeria in Campo S. Margherita, perfect for a quick snack. If you are near Piazzale Roma and want to have a snack without spending a lot, this pizzeria is perfect for you because it is one of the best value for money pizzeria in Venice. This pizzeria offers a wide choice of excellent pizzas, available in normal or family size.

Normal-sized pizzas range from 4,50 to 7,50 euros, while family-sized pizzas range from 9 to 15 euros. You can also get a pizza slice for 2,50 euros. The pizzeria overlooks a square with very comfortable benches to consume your meal, but be careful of the seagulls stalking and occasionally trying to steal your pizza.

Pizzas come out every 5 minutes, so you will not have to wait too much. They are thin, cooked to the right point, and very delicious. Pizza Al Volo is located in Campo Santa Margherita, which is around 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) away from San Marco square. It is open every day from 11:00 AM (11:00 hours) until 2:00 AM (2:00 hours).

  • Location: Campo Santa Margherita
  • Website: facebook page
  • Phone: +39 041 522 5430
  • Distance: 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) far from San Marco square in Venice
  • Pizza price: Slice- 2,50 euros, Normal size- 4,50 to 7,50 euros, Family size- 9 to 15 euros

Crazy Pizza

Crazy Pizza Venice
Pizzeria near San Marco in Venice (Image source: TripAdvisor)

Crazy Pizza is a small takeaway pizzeria with no seats located near San Marco square. It is an excellent place for a quick and cheap lunch or snack during a walk around Venice.

Pizzas have a highly digestible dough that is very soft, thin, and always perfectly cooked. The topping is stuffed with high-quality, fresh ingredients, and prices are cheap enough to be in Venice.

You can order a slice of various pizzas for 2,50 euros or a medium/large pizza for takeaway. Medium pizza will cost you from 4,50 to 8,50 euros, while you will have to pay between 8 and 13 euros for a large one. Crazy Pizza is located in Salizada San Lio, which is 400 meters (0.2 miles) far from San Marco square. It is open every day from 10:30 AM (10:30 hours) to 11:50 PM (23:50 hours).

  • Location: Salizada San Lio
  • Website: no website
  • Phone: +39 041 241 0090
  • Distance: 400 meters (0.2 miles) far from San Marco square in Venice
  • Pizza price: Slice 2,50 euros, Medium size- 4,50 to 8,50 euros, Large size- 8 to 13 euros

Where to eat the best pizza in Venice?

Venice is full of small pizzerias, kiosks, and bakeries that offer pizza slices or regular-size pizzas, or both. Eating pizza in Venice is very advisable because this lovely city is very expensive and pizzas are the best meal for your budget. If you decide to eat pizza, it is advisable to check reviews of the desired pizzeria on the internet because Venice is full of tourist traps.

Also, do not be guided by the price. Keep in mind that prices in Venice are given because of location, but not the quality of the pizza. Therefore, with no or a little effort, you can find an excellent pizza for a very reasonable price in Venice.

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